Your house always smell good ?

Few simple tips from green clean phoenix to keep your home smell fresh at all time.

Once the house is shiny and cleaned, what makes the difference is the pleasant scent that inspires a good atmosphere and pleasant home, long after it was cleaned by your house cleaning service company.
So how do you take care of your house good smell?

One easy method is to sprinkle natural scented powder on the carpet at home before starting to vacuum them.and running the vacuum cleaner and spreads the pleasant smell all over the room.

Another method spread the smell quickly is to splash aromatic oil on the lights.
The heated lights will heat the fragrant oil, causing the smell to spread out all over the room.20151025_131715-1

Few little tips from your house cleaning service company green clean phoenix
1. Place a scented dryer page at the bottom of the trash can.
2. Place between your clothes scented dryer pages,and made sure to  replace them occasionally when the smell down.
3. While you wash the floors,on the last rinse of water add  full cork of  natural liquid fabric softener.
4. Place Page scented dryer on top of the air conditioner filter.
5. Cook in a small pot filled with water and citrus peel,cinnamon and cloves.

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