Yom Kippur Cleaning (that is soul cleaning)

From the bible: “torch your souls”.

Once in a year we have Yom Kippur, it is a day of prayers for many Jews,

some do not eat at all on Yom Kippur.

For me it is a day of forgiveness, soul searching, conclusions, and most

important in the end of the day: HOPE, AND NEW BEGINNING.

I wish every day will be like that, it should be, right? But we get too busy

with life around us then with Life themselves.

As a business owner of phoenix home cleaning services, it is also a good

time to look back, review what Did we do right and what went wrong. FIX IT

So I would like to start with asking for forgiveness.

My partners and i at “green clean phoenix” asking for forgiveness from all

our Employees. If we did not Treat you right, if we did not respect you,


Forgiveness from our clients, if we did not do a good job, if we did not show

up on time, if we were over Priced, if we could not schedule you for the time

you wanted. WE ARE SORRY!

Forgiveness from my partners to the best home cleaning company in

phoenix, for not doing my job the Best I could, for being rood or inpatient,

for bothering you, for pushing you. I Am SORRY!

I also ask for forgiveness from all of you that read this blog, for my poor

English. I WILL GET BETTER…lol

Looking in to the further, I see only good things coming on “green clean

phoenix”, as a company we will Keep growing without taking our standards

down, if anything we will only get better, give better service And will open

new locations.

I wish for “green clean phoenix” to become the best house cleaning services

in phoenix area, to change Peoples live, small step at a time, to move to a

healthy greener way of life.

I wish for all of us to have a business that works for them and we do not

become is slaves!!!     HAPPY NEW YEAR

yom kippur




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