Why is it important to maintain cleanliness at home and on the street ?

Why is it important to maintain cleanliness at home and on the street ?What is the difference in attitude,compared to the person who is cleaning the street? In our house we all insist on cleanliness, but what happens when we’re walking down the street or sitting in the park? Do we throw gum on the floor? If something in our hands will fall, will we pick it up or keep walking?
The environment is where we live, and as we keep the house clean, it is important to keep the environment clean as well. What do you think makes this phenomenon so well known, and how do you think we can solve it?

i collected a few answers that will will help us understand.

a: It’s a matter of education and care, just selfish people do not care.
I clean each place as I was cleaning my home.
we need to Have serious enforcement as in Europe, people know they can get heavy fines
b: Everything begins with education in my opinion.
People who used to throw garbage in their house, will do the same outdoors
Besides, I think municipalities should add more small bins on the streets and in public parks, This will increase the awareness .

The way to a healthy life

The way to a healthy life

as you all know,at your phoenix house cleaning  service we believe in green cleaning and in cleaning your close environment as well. this is one of the reasons green clean phoenix exist !!! when we opened our doors for business we decided to change peoples live in small steps. one by one client after client,and it is not only at your home,you must clean your close environment as well. other wise we will all fail as a group.                                 for sure if there will be more punishments for throwing your garbage in the street it would help, but it is all starts and ends with education and habits.   this have no connection to where we were born or how much money we got in our bank account! our phoenix house cleaning service will clean your house for you but we all must take care of our environment as well. so if you see a banana or a garbage bag on the floor outside,pick it up it will go a long way.