The Perfect Gift

I have a good friend who is about to have her third baby any day now. Daisy’s older children are friends with my kids, and we often see each other at preschool and get together for play dates. A few weeks ago, she was at my house, and our kids were running around the back yard. Like a lot of pregnant women, she seemed exhausted, and pretty stressed out. I asked her what she needed help with and she sighed. She explained that since she had two older children, she already had everything for the baby, but that her house was stressing her out. She was too tired to clean (I think we all know that feeling…) and with the baby coming, she knew that it would only get worse. Further, she is planning on having a water birth at home, and was almost in tears over the thought of cleaning out her tub.

I told her not to worry, and that it would be taken care of. Fast forward to her baby shower at the preschool a week later. I had called a bunch of friends, and we all pooled our money to pay for two full house cleaning services. The home cleaning service ladies of Green Clean Phoenix will clean her house once before the baby is born and once after. It really was the perfect gift. Daisy was instantly relieved. Because of  Green Clean Phoenix, she is able to relax and enjoy her last couple of weeks of pregnancy, and she knows that her baby will be brought into a clean and chemical free environment.  And knowing that someone will be there to clean the house after the baby is born, when she is busy trying to occupy two older children while caring for a newborn is equally valuable.

clean floors with out the use of chemicals.

clean floors with out the use of chemicals.

Honestly, I wish that the home cleaning company of Green Clean Phoenix was around when I had my two children. I have very vivid memories of how busy and exhausting those first months were. Having someone stop by to clean my house would have eased those transitions. I also know that I would never have allowed the toxic products and chemicals used by most cleaning companies around my babies. However, I would have been thrilled to have someone clean my house with the safe and healthy products that Green clean Phoenix uses.

I am very much looking forward to visiting with Daisy after her baby is born. I can’t think of a more special and sacred time as when babies are born. And I love knowing that through Green Clean Phoenix, we are helping her and her family enjoy this special time in their lives even more.

Blog written by Emily gilman