“The Leaky Home Invasion”

Imagine this happened to you: imagine purchasing a new home; a first home for you and your new family, or a sizable upgrade for yourself after your children complete college and you’ve finally decided to treat yourself. You fall in love with this home because it instantaneously feels homey, the rooms are bigger, you have space for your family to live comfortably, and you do. You have house guests over so they too can share the comfort of your new house, and then something happens. Something terrible happens. You leave home early in the morning, like any other day, to go to work.

Green Clean Phoenix will make your home a healthy and happier place

Green Clean Phoenix will make your home a healthy and happier place

At work, you are excited by the comforts of your new home, and when five o’clock finally hits, you journey back home to relax for the rest of the evening. You pull into your driveway, click the garage door button, and park your car with this strange feeling in the pit of your stomach. You exit the car, close the garage door, and enter your clean home only to see a chaotic mess has occurred while you sat eagerly at work to come home to the beauty of your new home; except the beauty is gone. The majority of your eco friendly home flooded by the immensity of the leak you didn’t know had existed; the brand new carpets ruined by the water; your new home demolished by the tragedy that had occurred earlier that day. Naturally, you panic. You pick up the phone and dial relentlessly getting ahold of Phoenix Home Cleaning Services who can fix your dream of a new home instantaneously. You call friends and family, crying on the phone about the horrors that have just happened in your home. You think to yourself, “did this really happen to me?” because let’s face it you never thought this would.

After hours upon hours of consistent phone conversations, Phoenix Home Cleaning Services arrives to assess the damage. They examine the destruction and come up with a game plan to put the pieces back together so that you can finally live in peace in your new home. Phoenix Home Cleaning Services works nonstop hours against the clock while they tear your house apart so that they can begin to fix the loss. You now have to begin the process of picking Eco-friendly flooring’s, accessories, appliances, and many more things so that they can piece your home together. Your mind is racing with each decision because you want your home back; you want to love your house again. The workers are tired and hot as they diligently work with Eco-friendly cleaning supplies; you are stressed and exhausted, your kitchen is gone, and you are living in a space where you really cannot comprehend the damage to the home you thought you had. With what little left you have, you try to sleep, eat, live, all while workers are in and out of your home invading your privacy. There’s dust everywhere; there is drywall everywhere, and even when you do clean, it all returns without hesitation. They tell you your nightmare will end soon, but then three months go by and you are still washing dishes in your bathtub.

"Green Clean Phoenix" is spacsilized in cleaning schools

“Green Clean Phoenix” is specialized in move in and out cleaning

Finally, you start to see some progress. The workers are lying the tile down and you fall back in love with your flooring. They replace hardwood flooring where the carpet used to be and you become eager and amused with this new idea that cleaning your new home will be much easier, maybe even fun once the pandemonium is through. Your kitchen slowly but surely is pieced back together; new appliances come through, the counter looks fantastic. Then comes the shared bathroom. The new mirror, and toilet, and sinks; your stress is finally letting up as the progress of your home is showing through. Phoenix Home Cleaning Services utilizes organic, chemical free supplies knowing that you want the best for your soon-to-be flawless home. The months of agony and stress that your home will never be the same finally tapers because your vision of home is even dreamier than you could have ever imagined; and just like that, your home is finally home again.