Tears of Joy

The other day my dad called me and told me a story about 75 year old Robert,  who Lives in an apartment complex my dad manages.Robert was walking home from the local grocery store and two men started following him.He never bothered to check behind him,he trusts his neighborhood and didn’t think anything would ever happen.The two men followed him into his room, jumped him, and took his most precious items; one being his guitar.

As a musician I know how it feels to lose an instrument, it’s a way to disconnect, it brings peace to a person. My dad and I decided that we had to do something, he came up with the idea of buying Robert a new guitar.

We made our way to Guitar Center on New Years eve to buy the guitar.Something not expensive yet nice, I decided to go with a Squire Stratocastor with very nice action. After we picked up the instrument we headed downtown to the apartments, met with the Dennis the maintenance guy and he showed us to Roberts door. We introduced ourselves to him and gave him the guitar,my dad gave him some cash. I have never seen someone be so happy.He loved the guitar, repeatedly said thank you, and immediately starting playing it. I filled up with joy and an overwhelming feeling of happiness, I talked to Robert for a bit about music and guitars, I invited him and  Dennis to one my bands shows (the sink or swim). We walked out and went to the car, talking about how great of a feeling it was, then Dennis called us to let us know that Robert was crying with tears of joy. That made my day, it made my whole year, it felt so good to give.

When you give to someone, the feeling you experience is much greater than any feeling in the world. I’m very happy that Robert can now play guitar and enjoy himself through all the pain.I hope 2016 is a much better year for him than the last.

niel and robert with the new guitar

niel and robert with the new guitar

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Written by Niel Erlich