Summer Time,And The Cleaning Is Easy

Summer’s here, hot, high and sweaty. Well not so much in Arizona…LOL

Families don’t have much time for home cleaning these months. School’s out, kids are at home with friends.

All good.

Depending on your location, summer can be your favorite or least favorite season.

In many areas of the country, it can get too hot to be working outside cleaning under the sun.

If you have health problems, don’t clean your driveway at noon in August. It’s not worth risking your health.

Summer cleaning  have been divided into indoor and outdoor cleaning.

You can do the outdoor cleaning early in the day when the weather is nice outside, and do the indoor cleaning late in the season in the air-conditioned house.

Looking out my windows and enjoying the scenery. You’ll want to clean the outside windows, screens, and shutters. Need to remove the screens before cleaning the screens and windows, but no need to remove the shutters.

Use a broom to remove spider webs and dirt before using water. Be careful of bees, wasp, and hornet nests.

Ac Window units should be cleaned at the end of the season. Unplug the unit and take off the front cover. Gently vacuum the coils with a brush vacuum attachment. Clean the filter.

Central air-conditioning unit, turn off the power to the unit, check the outside for debris, spray it down with a hose, then cover the unit.

Also in a central air-conditioning unit, you should clean the vents and registers. This means removing the registers. You should vacuum both sides

Anyone in your home suffers from allergies? You might consider using a register filter to further clean the air during heating and cooling.

It’s time to sort through your pantry, summer/winter, throwing away whatever has gone bad or won’t be used.

Pay extra attention to “Use By” dates. If the date hasn’t passed but is coming up and you know you’re not going to use the item. Trash them as well.

Floors are causing big stress for many of us, but they need to be cared for regularly.

Wood floors need a warm, clean water wash.  Strip and re-wax your vinyl or linoleum floors, it will bring back their shine.  You may also want to wax some wood floors, stone, and brick.

Cleaning your home in summer, is easier if you’ve been diligent in keeping up with the cleaning needs.    if you find yourself either short of time or energy, engaging the assistance of “green clean phoenix” can save you a lot of time.  You’ll have a cleaner house in far less time, and still get to enjoy that backyard pool with your friends.