Passover And Spring Cleaning


A note from your phoenix house cleaning service: wile i understand why Jewish are eating matzo in Passover, i do not understand why all the massive cleaning, i mean did the Israelis cleaned the desert when they where running away from the Egyptians ??? lol

Before the beginning of the Passover, all leaven, which is a symbol of sin (1 Cor. 5:6-8), must be all removed from the house.

Some associate spring home cleaning with house cleaning for Passover. While others, concerning Passover cleaning, state emphatically, “All I have to do is get rid of the leavened products. No need to wash my blinds or my floors.

It is true that house cleaning for Passover doesn’t have to include major home spring cleaning.

But, whatever you do, the house cleaning itself, getting down on hands and knees or climbing up on top of ladders, is closely tied to the theme of the Passover holiday itself.

Before Passover, when we are checking the corners, looking behind bookcases and inside briefcases for leavened products, we are preforming a job that doesn’t require sophistication. That gives us plenty of time to be introspective about whether we’ve been behaving like chametz or matza for the past year. And if we find that we are full of chametz(leavened products), then pre Passover cleaning time is a great opportunity to check the cracks of our own personalities.

Chametz is the antithesis of matzah, the unleavened bread we eat on Passover to recall the haste we left Egypt, Matzah is the symbol of the Exodus, a central component of the Seder rituals, matzah is getting rid of chametz — and the egotism and spiritual coarseness it represents.

Passover home cleaning. When people see Jews clean out their homes in the weeks and days before Passover, much of what we do can be mistaken for house spring cleaning. Passover house cleaning is NOT Spring home cleaning! Because if you treat Pesach house cleaning like spring home cleaning, it is just too much! We can’t remove all the dust from all bedrooms, nor are we have to.

phoenix house cleaning service can help you in making  Passover season beautiful. The whole idea of re doing your house your environment, for the holiday should be a beautiful experience. For some reason, though, the burden of all that cleaning is very heavy, and as a result we lose much of the joy of Passover.

Now, enjoy your cleaning or just give a call to phoenix house cleaning service