We received a call on a Sunday night from a lady who was taking her mom out of physical rehab the next day. Her mother sadly enough has cancer and she had come to see her. When she saw her mother’s home she realized her parents really needed help. She thought our green Eco-friendly service was a good fit for a mother with cancer. In speaking to her I scheduled the cleaning immediately for the following day while knowing our girls were booked. I let my Monday clients know we had an emergency and asked if could we change their times a bit. Everyone agreed. We went and took care of the home. In speaking with my partners we decided we were going to gift this cleaning. We work with an Alzheimer’s Foundation as well and donate there, so we understand the value of giving back. I let the girls that cleaned the house know about this lady’s situation and that they would be paid but we were not going to bill. Edith, one of the girls, immediately said “Cora I will donate my time.” We are not saints but this was such a great feeling to help someone and see how caring our crew is as well. I always take pride in saying I train girls to do detailed work. I can not train kindness. Green Clean not only provides excellent service to the best to our ability but we also care about our clients.

Thank you, all our clients, for if not for your referrals and great reviews we would not be a 5 star company, nor would we have tripled our business in one year. We try to treat everyone with respect. Taking care of our clients our crews and trying to keep everyone happy is very important to us.