My Memorial Day

Memorial-dayMore than often I am wandering about the BBQ celebration in Memorial


I must say that is very difficult for me to except. what stands behind it?

So I started to get information about it and found out that about 1860

Memorial Day was on May 30 and Was not a celebration at all, it was a day

of remembrance, going to memorial ceremonies, visit the fallen

And the fallen families as well.

So it was very similar to what we do in Israel and if you ask me the way it

should still be done.

What’s happen why everything changed?

In 1970 few national holidays changed at one time and been connected to

the weekend. The meaning Was good I believe,   give more time to families

so they can spent more time together? Government Workers will not work

as well, and it will be a celebration, long weekend is a great reason to party,

Right? The results? Memorial Day become memorial weekend that will be

celebrated, yes celebrated With BBQ and shopping all over united states.

Beside the points of how the families, friends of the fallen and veteran’s feel

about it, I really don’t Know how we can explain it to our kids. I mean we

always talk about our service man on our borders And overseas, or our

police man and woman.  in one house we BBQ and then go shopping, or

drinking bear, and in the House down the street there is a family that just

lost their only son or daughter in Afghanistan.

The time stopped for them stopped for him or her.

Can we stop our running around for one minute? For one day? For the

fallen. Remember, pain and

Sorrow can unite us as a nation. we see it on September 11 . memories .

Believe me when I say, life is not the same anymore for the families and

friends, the world suddenly Become very small very sad, very narrow. Very

hard to continue, it is not an injury that can be fixed. There is no magic pill.

In Israel there is a memorial day, one day were all the country stops and

pray, remember, cry, support.

Few times during the 24 hours of memorial, traffic stops and no one walk,

there is a sirens all over the State, for one minute every one standing steal

and thinking about the fallen.  Every city have a memorial

Ceremony, the names of all the fallen soldiers will be announced there, also

on radio and TV.

There stories will be told as well, so it won’t be only a name or a number.

When Memorial Day is done

Then they move right away to celebrate Independence Day of Israel. Big

change right? Yes but that is in

Order to show that Israel got there freedom because of the fallen soldiers. So

one day of extreme

Sadness followed by a day of extreme happiness.

In my opinion we need to give more respect to the fallen soldiers here as

well. My solution is to have Friday/Saturday as a memorial day and the rest

of the weekend celebration of freedom.

That is a memorial day for me.