How to keep the house clean from mosquitoes?

Mosquito bites.  biting and harassed endlessly.   cleaning the house with natural products can go so far, yes,the house will always smell better and feels better after our home cleaning services crew is done,but we are not a fair fight against the mighty mosquitoes! I have a natural solution for you Plectranthus plant is an excellent solution to mosquito. He smells strongly that keeps mosquitoes and insects. Place the plant on the windows,also in kids room, it will help you put an end to mosquitoes.

great against mosquito

great against mosquitoes

Basil flowerpot also do similar work. Mosquitoes do not like the smell of basil. you also can use the leaves for salads and pastas and you can dry your own flowers at the end of the season.add them to hot water with eucalyptus oil when making inhalation in winter.                                                                     vinegar oil will work magic as well. at green clean phoenix we use it as one of our cleaning products, but if you just put it in a bowl,it will work on mosquitoes,  you can also open the fan or just move to an higher floor…lol