How do you deal with mold in the bathroom?

My partner Eli Giman in “green clean phoenix” is also also my partner in the real estate remodeling and investments company “values homes”. Cora Andrade (great real estate agent) our partner at phoenix house cleaninggreen clean phoenix” can tell you many Mold stories…i m sure that many of you see or hear the same horrible stories. because we deal with many houses fix,clean,buy and sell,we are exposed to Mold . it is not pretty.


Mold appears due to moisture and humidity, especially in the bathrooms.
Mold is also an eyesore and a health hazard. To handle the mold,Prepare mix of 1/2 cup bleach(we recommend a natural solution) and 4 liters of water.Mix well, dip a brush in the mixture – and scoured the area affected well.
Then, rinse the area with water and dry the place – you may want to paint it.
VERY IMPORTANT:To prevent future mold – it is always advisable to ventilate the places where mold can develop.since bleach is not our favorite solution and we do not use chemicals at green clean phoenix, we advice you to use instead a mix of vinegar ans baking soda, mixed with water. natural products that are good for your health and bringing same results if not better!

Good luck

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