Green Clean Phoenix Cleaning Medical Clinics/Offices

So A Doctor goes to is clinic every day, like all of us

that works. we spent most of is time in offices or other places ,but we are there most of our life. the big difference is the this guy sees people that are sick…

so he is exposed much more then us , and i know that doctors protect them selves with all kind of masks and good filtering systems , but i think you will agree that nothing is 100% here. and still there chances to get sick is much higher. when we go there we are already sick, so we can transfer it to someone else or get something else from another patient. so not a safe place to be if you don’t need too.

same thing goes for green cleaning or Eco cleaning , anyway you look at it ,you guys means the doctors you are much more exposed to the chemicals that are in

use in your office/clinic the us the people that come there only once in a wile.

green clean phoenix is working with a few clinics already with great results, and we use only green clean products, non toxic.



for now we are not cleaning large scale clinics or hospitals we constraint in small/medium size clinics from 2000 sf to 6000 sf. we market the quality of our work and the healthy products we are using.we found out that in this field you must tailor the green cleaning products by each doctor demand and needs, other wise it will nor work!!! the offices can be cleaned in a different way then the laboratories, reception area , or the actual rooms were the patients are checked.

i must say again how important is the green cleaning is for clinics, for us the patients but more for the staff and the doctors that goes there every day.

there is very interesting articles about green clean for the medical field . one of them is in this link:

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