Green Clean Phoenix and shabbat dinner

Green Clean Phoenix started many years ago. for many of us , it is the story like mine…
It Was about 40 years ago, i was

14 years old, well young…
i remember every Friday i took my time coming back home from school, i wanted to go play with my

friends but it was Friday, and on

this day i must help my mom clean the house, getting

it ready for Shabbat .
Shabbat dinner is on the way and we always have between ten to twenty people on Friday night, so my job was to clean the floors , yes , wash the floors and not just once , two or three times, so that is why i was taking my time back home…
my mom did not use chemicals cleaning products, she used what she made at home with vinegar water and lemon . Eco friendly? she did not know what it is. did not exist, there was no need for it to be!! it was the only way.
so first i clean the carpets , (with no vacuum cleaner) then put all the chairs up then put music on…
my mom makes her secret cleaning formula wile i m swiping the floors , when i was done i took the secrete cleaning formula and

mix it with water in a bucket , then put the mop floor in the bucket (the mop floor holder and the mop floor in Israel until today are two different things, they are not connected. the mop floor is just a big rug.)



my mom used to call it spunja … coming to Israel from Tripoli during the second world war we got stuck with some of the slang they had there.
any way

, after swiping the floors i put the rug on the stick and just start moving with it all over the house.
my mom will always follow me and order me to clean the corners as well and under all the furniture’s as well. after every time the mop rug was getting dirty i had to wash it and then dip it back in the bucket. after my mom was happy i had to dry all the house with dry mop rag!!! only then i could put the rugs , chairs , and furniture’s back in place.
by the time i was done i had no time to play with mu friends but the house was clean smell amazing was ready for shabbat and i was ready for a nap before dinner .
so there you go,this is green clean phoenix old style for you, no chemicals,Eco friendly,detail cleaning,
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shabbat shalom

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