Everything Is Connected

Home Green Cleaning

How is that connected to clean energy , healthy life style, giving back to the community and education???

in the big picture, the last 5o years the world made a lot pollution and waste ,but also made a big step forward as far

as manufacturing ,and giving us a great life style and the ability to purchase and own what we want. 

problem is,the balance between the two does not exist.  in a very short time our planet become polluted which cause

us so many health problems , climate change ,storms , i don’t think it really worth it in the long run, not just because

of you or me ,mainly because of the further and what do we leave behind.  for many of us the 50 years and older the

world that we grow up in was very simple, maybe no TV, no cars, no problem…we did fine ,even better then fine!!!

the world today is much more connected with social media,news non stop, so we are more aware of all of it. good

thing and lucky us,now we have a chance to fix earth. home cleaning will not to it , but home green cleaning is a step

in the right direction. we all know the influence of chemicals on our body and brain. we all know the influence of

pollution on us, we all know how we feel when it is extremely hot or cold. we all know what eating process food is

doing to our body, we all know what we need to do about it, it is not so hard, start with a small baby steps,

the information is all around us to grab. in our small square we can take down wasting electricity,water, we can

workout and eat well , we can recycle,make sure our air filters are clean,share cars, use public transportation,

we can also clean our homes and work area or schools and medical clinics with Eco friendly,non toxic products.

we need to educate our selves and our kids at home and in schools about that, and get them involved. we need

to help each other when need ,like what we do at green clean phoenix , get involved by donating money and by

helping people in need and clean their homes for free,when they are in need.

this are all things we believe in at green clean phoenix,and we fallow them .

there for it is all connected we are all connected.


The way to a healthy life

The way to a healthy life