Dirtiest Place In The House

The bathroom toilet is often mention as the dirtiest place in the house(toilet).       think again!!!     HANDLES !  Your family touches the handles of the refrigerator, microwave, oven, door handles and kitchen cabinet several times a day, a study published in the Journal of Food Supervision found that different types of bacterial pathogens, including Listeria and other types(long list…) identified on door handles, refrigerators, dishwashers made a habit of wiping areas often.

dirtiest place in the house

dirtiest place in the house

at “green clean phoenix” we put spacial attention to all the handles around the house. our house cleaning services crew learn have a lot of experience with that issue since we are cleaning medical facilities, and there you must take care of all the door handles . the traffic of sick patients there is in high volume , all of them are touching the furniture’s and the handles. our house cleaning services crew does not use any chemicals at all which make it even more safer place for you your kids of place of business. door handles must be cleaned every week don’t wait for “green clean phoenix” , do it in between the visits of our house cleaning service. ask out team about the best way to clean the handles. have a green clean weekend