Cleaning Tips Of The Week

Cleaning tips of the week from your phoenix house cleaning service

How to keep the mattress clean and fresh ?  VERY EASY

To keep the mattress clean, occasionally sprinkle baking soda on the mattress and leave it for several hours. then just vacuum. This action refreshes the mattress and maintains its quality over time. Phoenix house cleaning service is  recommending to do this operation every six months.

Mission Impossible to remove stickers off different objects… THINK AGAIN

Children put on the doors and the refrigerator all kinds of stickers, and when the time to remove them comes, it is not an easy task. Phoenix house cleaning service offers you The simplest solution. with the help of  the amazing eucalyptus oil… apply a little oil on the infected area and then wipe the residue with cotton. Then with a little green dishes soap clean it then dry the place. Successful?

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