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Dirtiest Place In The House

The bathroom toilet is often mention as the dirtiest place in the house(toilet).       think again!!!     HANDLES !  Your family touches the handles of the refrigerator, microwave, oven, door handles and kitchen cabinet several times a day, a study published in the Journal of Food Supervision found that different types of […]

Yom Kippur Cleaning (that is soul cleaning)

From the bible: “torch your souls”. Once in a year we have Yom Kippur, it is a day of prayers for many Jews, some do not eat at all on Yom Kippur. For me it is a day of forgiveness, soul searching, conclusions, and most important in the end of the day: HOPE, AND NEW BEGINNING. I […]

My Green Cleaning Experience

Having your own home is adventurous and fun. You can decorate it as elegantly or as spunky as you’d like, and no matter what you do, its home because you made it feel that way. Having a home though is sometime difficult to maintain.House Cleaning comes easy to some, but to those of you who really […]

“Green Clean Phoenix” News Alert

It has recently come to my attention that Home Joy, another home cleaning service, has gone out of business. As an entrepreneur, I loved what they accomplished and what they tried to do, however, our success as the owner’s of Green Clean Phoenix is also important. I was sad to learn that the company had failed. […]

“The Leaky Home Invasion”

Imagine this happened to you: imagine purchasing a new home; a first home for you and your new family, or a sizable upgrade for yourself after your children complete college and you’ve finally decided to treat yourself. You fall in love with this home because it instantaneously feels homey, the rooms are bigger, you have […]

Summer Time,And The Cleaning Is Easy

Summer’s here, hot, high and sweaty. Well not so much in Arizona…LOL Families don’t have much time for home cleaning these months. School’s out, kids are at home with friends. All good. Depending on your location, summer can be your favorite or least favorite season. In many areas of the country, it can get too hot […]