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Tears of Joy

The other day my dad called me and told me a story about 75 year old Robert,  who Lives in an apartment complex my dad manages.Robert was walking home from the local grocery store and two men started following him.He never bothered to check behind him,he trusts his neighborhood and didn’t think anything would ever […]

Microwave Disinfection & Bad Smell From The Vacuum Cleaner?

Phoenix home cleaning service “Green Clean Phoenix” tip of the day: Microwave Disinfection After countless uses, its not enough to pass a rag once in a while to clean up the food in the microwave. It’s time to do your microwave oven disinfection, and should you follow it at least once every six months. Place […]

Tip Of The Day

Are we clean the right way? The answer is related to your patience When we use cleaning materials on various surfaces at home, usually we sprayed the dirty place,and immediately wipe it This is a mistake ! To get good maximum result of the cleaning spray and wait at least 2 minutes alluding the material […]

Why is it important to maintain cleanliness at home and on the street ?

Why is it important to maintain cleanliness at home and on the street ?What is the difference in attitude,compared to the person who is cleaning the street? In our house we all insist on cleanliness, but what happens when we’re walking down the street or sitting in the park? Do we throw gum on the […]

Your house always smell good ?

Few simple tips from green clean phoenix to keep your home smell fresh at all time. Once the house is shiny and cleaned, what makes the difference is the pleasant scent that inspires a good atmosphere and pleasant home, long after it was cleaned by your house cleaning service company. So how do you take care of your […]

How to keep the house clean from mosquitoes?

Mosquito bites.  biting and harassed endlessly.   cleaning the house with natural products can go so far, yes,the house will always smell better and feels better after our home cleaning services crew is done,but we are not a fair fight against the mighty mosquitoes! I have a natural solution for you Plectranthus plant is an excellent […]