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Green Clean Phoenix Tip’s Of The Day

Your Phoenix House Cleaning Service  Tip’s Of The Day There are quite a number of materials tom use for carpets cleaning. I offer a natural method that you should try. Mix half a cup of baking soda with ½ cup corn flour . Add 15 drops of fragrant essential oils (lavender, pine, lemon roses, etc.). […]

A unique solution to get rid of ants in the kitchen

Your Phoenix House Cleaning Service Tip Of The Day. Like every winter and this winter as well,ants are not welcomed guests in our kitchens. I recommend the magic solution that always helps. Sprinkle cinnamon in the kitchen corners. yes,as It turns out,ants hate cinnamon. Another solution,that was tested and found effective !!!!! Corn flower!!! ants […]

Green House Cleaning For Our Kids

Many of us that have kids, and many that will have kids, already know or will know very soon when their babies start crawling all over the place, that is why your phoenix house cleaning service, green clean phoenix thinks that natural cleaning services is so important.   babies grew up slow or quick depend how you look […]

The children painted on the furniture. No Worries

Your Phoenix House Cleaning Services Tips Of The Day If your children painted on your wooden furniture .Do not panic. green clean phoenix have The perfect solution for You. Apply a little toothpaste on the stain, scrub carefully with a dry Cloth and it is gone … the stain disappears. In most cases this trick […]

How do you deal with mold in the bathroom?

My partner Eli Giman in “green clean phoenix” is also also my partner in the real estate remodeling and investments company “values homes”. Cora Andrade (great real estate agent) our partner at phoenix house cleaning “green clean phoenix” can tell you many Mold stories…i m sure that many of you see or hear the same […]


Tip of the day,from “phoenix house cleaning”. Potato is not only for eating. As it turns out, It removes rust (Peel the potatoes, sprinkle a little baking soda on the location of the rust and rub with potatoes) and reduces rust silverware, pots and pans (Boil potatoes in water, dip a cloth cooking water and […]