Arizona Dust , Not So Good For Our Health…

Dust, it comes and goes. but not really ,it is not really going to a different place,and then comes only a year or 2 years later. we have the big dust storms that comes every

2 to 3 years and they are big, they make a lot of damage behind, dust mud accidents and yes dust allergies .

House dust exposure can also trigger asthma symptoms such as wheezing, coughing, chest tightness and shortness of breath.

But not only dust storms will bring these allergies also day to day dust ,something we do not luck of in Arizona, can do the same. it have an a affect on all of us. just imagine yourself in a house that a remodeling work is going on there and you as the owner or a one of the work force needs to be there every day for more than a few hours. how does it feel??? it feels terrible !!! dust in your air ways ,your mouth ,on your body, right ? and the results ? well a shower will solve some of the problems but couching and shortness of breath ,also itching body that cannot be solved by a shower.

I think we can all imagine the results on our kids and pets.

I m not a doctor so I will not give you a medical opinion .

at “Green Clean Phoenix” we can help with cleaning your house not just after a major dust storm. we will make sure that you are dust free. with our detail cleaning and maintaining your home will be dust free . if you clean your house every week most chances your dust level will be much less than other homes. and by doing it chances of getting dust allergies will go down. by

cleaning with non toxic all natural and Eco friendly products we will give you a green clean home that with all the dust around us does not need more chemicals !!! “go green”

green leef


Also recommended to seal the air ways in your house like doors windows and air condition systems. check out this guys at

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