Question: Why did you select Green Clean over other residential cleaning services?

Answer: I met with the representatives of Green Clean and was impressed with their

professionalism and the variety of home cleaning services they provide. Plus, the

products they use are good for the environment, and that’s important to me.

Green Clean is known for sending the same crew consistently.

Question: What have you come to appreciate about your crew?

Answer: I have had the same two-person crew since I started with the company. They’re

friendly, trustworthy and thorough, and I know that if I asked them to do a little

extra scrub here, or some extra polishing there, they’d do it happily.

How frequently does Green Clean take care of your home?

Question: Do they handle your commercial cleaning needs, as well?

Answer: Green Clean cleans my home twice a month and my office twice a week.

Question: How did Green Clean tailor its services to your specific cleaning needs?

Answer: For my office, it is important to have patient areas expertly sanitized. For the

employee areas, it’s important not to have the work disturbed or moved.

Green Clean meets those expectations, and I find that their commercial cleaning

services are as wonderful as their home cleaning services.

Question: Why is using Eco-friendly products important to you?

Answer: As a grandparent and as someone who helps care for the patients who visit our

office, I know that the fewer chemicals and toxins we have in our environment,

the better. I appreciate that the products Green Clean uses to clean my home

and office are free of VOCs and other nasty chemicals and compounds.

Question: If you could describe Green Clean in three words, what would those words be?

Answer: Thorough, friendly, fantastic!

Question: Home cleaning services are an investment. How does Green Clean make that investment worth it?

Answer: Green Clean saves me time and makes coming home to a clean house really

special. That’s a really good investment. Running a small business and a

household means that time is particularly valuable to me. Green Clean gives me

a little extra time to spend doing things I enjoy, rather than cleaning my home

and office. Plus, their pricing is so competitive, that it’s worth it on every level.