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About Green Clean Phoenix

In 2011, I went through some personal changes in life and decided to adopt a healthier lifestyle. I became a vegetarian, started to work out regularly,  began to recycle more, and talked to friends and family about doing the same. I even got myself a PriusMy business partner got one as wellYou can say that I really made a commitment to a better way of life.

Now it  is 2014 and the changes have worked out great for me. I feel better mentally and physically.The only thing that bothered me was the fact that I was not feeling well when I was at my house.I thought that with the amount of allergies and dust in Arizona  it was normal, but I decided to do a test. I called my cleaning service and asked them to clean the house with only eco-friendly products and no chemicals at all.  The results were amazing . I stopped coughing at home, the house smelled clean, and my kids and pets were happy.

Thinking about how simple this was,  I talked with my partner and several real estate agents with whom I do business. A realtor partner’s reaction was amazing. She said that she had a cleaning company. I suggested that we open a new one that would use only eco-friendly products and to educate our clients about it as well. She talked about using vinegar as our cleaning product so we are. We tried it first at my house and friends’ homes and the reaction was great . It cleans everything!  The smell is great and it is safe for everyone.That is how we started.

This is not not just another business but a passion to make peoples’ lives better . Why train hard and eat well but clean our offices and homes with chemicals?  It is a very easy to make this change with better results for us and the environment.  Even the cost is the same so why not? We decided to open a cleaning company that will do things right. We will come to your house and tailor the cleaning to your needs. We can even clean car interiors and baby strollers . We can give you a quote online or by phone but we will meet with you as well before to preview any job.

We believe we can make a small but very important change in your life!