About Cora A partner at “Green Clean Phoenix”

partner at "green clean phoenix"

partner at “green clean phoenix”

Green Clean is becoming more and more popular as we are starting to see the effects of cleaning products to our environment. Many household cleaners we have used for years are bad for our lungs,allergies, environment, pets and family. Would you let your child have a bleach, pine sol or any other chemical lollipop? That’s what we are doing when we use these chemicals on our floors then let our child crawl on floor. I use to clean my floors daily with bleach as well as wall never thinking effects it could have on my children or myself. We were taught to disinfect and we should keep our homes clean and germ free but with so many natural products it is so not necessary to do so with with these powerful cleaners. We have found in using these simple natural products not only are our home clean and disinfected, there is no strong odor or powerful harmful fumes. So Go Green !!

natural green cleaning products

natural green cleaning products

I have been cleaning homes for over 30 years. I have always loved my job. I am my own boss, I have been blessed to have fabulous clients. I always treat people with respect as well as deserve it in return. Having reasonable prices,doing the best job I can, being honest, dependable means a lot. I then decided to get my Real Estate license and love that as well. I guess I just really really enjoy working with  people and making there lives easier. I was talking to a friend I met through Real Estate about cleaning. He was interested in Green Cleaning. I knew not to much so we started investigating and working with natural products. I was hesitant as I had been use to strong cleaners. Can these natural products really clean and disinfect. YES YES they can and BETTER.. I started using baking soda, vinegar, borax, olive oil,lemon juice. To my surprise not only were my mirrors and windows sparkling every thing seemed fresh.
 I have never received a complaint and have had happy clients but as soon as we started getting clients and using these products my clients started reaching out immediately to tell me how happy there are, how clean everything is, how fresh there home is and needless to say we are protecting the environment, our pets as well as ourselves. I am so happy I made this switch and encourage you to as well !!